Month: July 2014

Atlas Senior Living

Paradigm Shift

As a battleship cruised through the open water the Captain decided to stay on deck one night as a fog set in causing visibility to be almost zero. Late into the night another light could be seen up ahead directly in front of the battleship. The Captain yelled up to the crows nest to signal…
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business men shaking hands

Keeping ‘The Best’ Employees Starts with Yourself

Although many argue great leadership skills are not a prerequisite to becoming an effective manager, we believe differently. Why not work on becoming a better leader via a leadership personal assessment. Let the people you work with choose a few from the list below, take them and fix them. It will take time but knowing…
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Rules of Success & Leadership

by Vince Lombardi Know yourself This is wisdom that is as old as mankind. You cannot improve what you don’t understand.   Build your character Character is not inherited; it is instilled at an early age but it is something that can be and needs to be built on and disciplined. Find ways to write…
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