Keeping ‘The Best’ Employees Starts with Yourself

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Keeping ‘The Best’ Employees Starts with Yourself

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Although many argue great leadership skills are not a prerequisite to becoming an effective manager, we believe differently. Why not work on becoming a better leader via a leadership personal assessment. Let the people you work with choose a few from the list below, take them and fix them. It will take time but knowing where your weak points are is the first step in starting to improve on those areas. This “Vulnerability” with your team, acknowledging you have areas that can be improved on helps to build trust and loyalty with your team.

Why is leadership so important, this is senior living, shouldn’t taking care of people be the priority? Yes, but if we surround ourselves with the best, the care of our residents get the best. “We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with, we demand the best, so why not look in the mirror and start with improving ourselves.”

“If you want to change the world start by changing yourself.” -Mahatma Gandhi 

“Personally I love to learn, though I do not always like being taught.” -Winston Churchill

Problem: You don’t prioritize well.
Fix: Assign high, medium or low priority to every task.

Problem: You treat those that work with you like employees.
Fix: Learn something about them and surprise them.

Problem: You won’t fight for your team.
Fix: Get them a raise or new challenge.

Problem: You are viewed as a workaholic.
Fix: Make your emails delayed so they go out on Monday, versus Saturday afternoon.

Problem: You micromanage.
Fix: Trust your people and let them know you trust them.

Problem: You treat employees like they are in the dark and fed nothing.
Fix: Run an open book-shop; set a meeting weekly or monthly where you review results and continually re-enforce the vision and strategic plan

Problem: You’re Indecisive.
Fix: Decide.E20-690